Depositing eTheses

When you have the final, corrected, version of your thesis and the paper copy has been submitted to your Academic Registry or Faculty Office you can upload a PDF version to the Nottingham eTheses archive. Please tell your supervisor(s) that you wish to use the archive service.

Copyright Considerations

Before uploading the PDF version of your thesis you should ensure that it does not include material which infringes a third party's copyright. This could be reproductions of photographs, graphs, illustration, extensive quotations or similar materials. These can be included if you have direct permission to reproduce them from the copyright owner, or if the reproduction is covered by an exception to copyright - such as fair dealing for the purposes of criticism or review. [Further information on copyright]

To upload your thesis to eTheses follow these steps:

1.  Create a PDF
2.  Register with the archive
3.  Deposit your thesis

Create a PDF

Word 2007, which is installed on computer room PCs and available on University owned PCs, offers a 'save as PDF' option. Open your word document, click on the Office button on the top left corner, go to save as, then click PDF. This will save your document in a PDF format.

For more information on getting Word 2007 or the PDF add-in, please see the Office 2007 pages. PDF Converter Pro 5 is also available from the NAL.

For Unix users who have used LATEX to produce your article, use the freeware application Ghostscript to turn a PostScript file into a PDF file. See the Software library for more information.

You may find installed on some older computers, MakePDF or PrimoPDF. We do not recommend you use this software to create PDFs.

Register with the archive

You only need to register if you wish to deposit a digital copy of a research degree thesis awarded by the University of Nottingham.

  1. Go to the Registration page and create an account.
  2. The system will email you requesting confirmation of your registration.
  3. Activate your registration as instructed in the email.
  4. Fill in your personal details.

Deposit your thesis

Before depositing your thesis you must have:

  1. Submitted the paper copies of your thesis to the appropriate Academic Registry or Faculty Office
  2. Produced PDF file(s) representing the final, corrected, version of your thesis, a single PDF file for each volume of your thesis.
  3. Registered with the Nottingham eTheses archive (as outlined above)


  1. Login and then click on the "Deposit eThesis" button.
    It is useful to have the following information to hand:
    • the type of degree - PhD, DM, MPhil, MRes, etc.
    • the full title of your thesis
    • the abstract of your thesis
    • the year your degree was awarded
    • the names of your supervisors
  2. Select your thesis type and School from the pick lists.
  3. Fill in the bibliographic details (author, title, abstract etc)
  4. Upload (copy) your PDF(s) to the eTheses archive
  5. Review your submission details
  6. Your submission will be checked and will appear in the public archive in due course.