The 1904 version of Leos Jancek's Jenufa: sources, reconstruction, commentary

Audus, Mark (2008) The 1904 version of Leos Jancek's Jenufa: sources, reconstruction, commentary. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.



The main part of the thesis comprises a two-volume reconstruction of the full score of the 1904 premiere version of Janacek's opera Jenufa (volumes II/1, II/2 and II/3). Jenufa was the work that belatedly brought Janacek first to national and then to international attention as an opera composer of the first rank, yet the version heard at the Brno premiere in 1904 had until recently been unheard since 1906. This is also the first completely newly-set edition of the full score in any version for nearly four decades.

The companion volume (volume I) consists of a commentary including an introduction to the background history of the opera's composition, a detailed survey of the manuscript and printed sources used in the preparation of the edition, and a description of the methods used in identifying and reconstructing the 1904 version. It also includes a detailed overview of the revision process of which the 1904 version is a part, and which ultimately led to the more widely known 1908 and 1916 versions of the opera, as well as a consideration of some of the wider contextual issues to which the opera can be related, such as Janacek's broader stylistic development and contemporary operatic trends.

A series of appendices includes relevant contemporary documents, a series of tables detailing cuts and other aspects of the sources, a discussion of the nature and role of the xylophone that plays a prominent part in Act 1 of Jenufa, and transcriptions of passages from the earliest, pre-1903 version of the Act 1 finale.

NB For copyright reasons, the form of this thesis uploaded to does NOT include volumes II/1, 2 and 3. See volume I, p. xvii.

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