Optimised editing of variable data documents via partial re-evaluation

Ollis, James A .J. (2011) Optimised editing of variable data documents via partial re-evaluation. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.



With the advent of digital printing presses and the continued development of associated technologies, variable data printing (VDP) is becoming more and more common. VDP allows for a series of data instances to be bound to a single template document in order to produce a set of result document instances, each customized depending upon the data provided. As it gradually enters the mainstream of digital publishing there is a need for appropriate and powerful editing tools suitable for use by creative professionals. This thesis investigates the problem of representing variable data documents in an editable visual form, and focuses on the technical issues involved with supporting such an editing model.

Using a document processing model where the document is produced from a data set and an appropriate programmatic transform, this thesis considers an interactive editor developed to allow visual manipulation of the result documents. It shows how the speed of the reprocessing necessary in such an interactive editing scenario can be increased by selectively re-evaluating only the required parts of the transformation, including how these pieces of the transformation can be identified and subsequently re-executed.

The techniques described are demonstrated using a simplified document processing model that closely resembles variable data document frameworks. A workable editor is also presented that builds on this processing model and illustrates its advantages. Finally, an analysis of the performance of the proposed framework is undertaken including a comparison to a standard processing pipeline.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisors:Brailsford, D.F.
Bagley, S.R.
Uncontrolled Keywords:variable data documents, xml, xslt, vdp, variable data printing, dom, document processing, text processing
Faculties/Schools:UK Campuses > Faculty of Science > School of Computer Science
ID Code:2107
Deposited By:Mr James Ollis
Deposited On:19 Oct 2011 14:23
Last Modified:19 Oct 2011 14:23

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