Case-based reasoning for course timetabling problems

Qu, Rong (2002) Case-based reasoning for course timetabling problems. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.



The research in this thesis investigates Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), a Knowledge-Based Reasoning technique that proved to be capable of providing good solutions in educational course timetabling problems. Following the basic idea behind CBR, experiences in solving previous similar timetabling problems are employed to find the solutions for new problems.

A basic CBR system that is hierarchically organized with structured knowledge representations by attribute graphs is proposed in Chapter Four. The system is then further improved to solve a wider range of problems, which is described in Chapter Five. Evaluations on a large number of experiments indicate that this approach could provide a significant step forward in timetabling and scheduling research.

This basic system works well on relatively small problems. To deal with this drawback a multiple-retrieval approach that partitions large timetabling problems into small solvable sub-problems is presented in Chapter Six. Good results are obtained from a wide range of experiments.

In Chapter Seven, a new idea is introduced in CBR for solving timetabling problems by investigating the approach to select the most appropriate heuristic method rather than to employ it directly on the problem, in the attempt to raise the level of generality at which we can operate. All the evidence obtained from the first stage experiments indicates that there is a range of promising future directions.

Finally in Chapter Eight the results of the work are evaluated and some directions for future work are present.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisors:Burke, E.K.
MacCarthy, B.L.
Petrovic, S.
Uncontrolled Keywords:Case-Based Reasoning, Timetabling Problems
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