New methods for measuring CSA tensors : applications to nucleotides and nucleosides

Wu, Yanqi (2011) New methods for measuring CSA tensors : applications to nucleotides and nucleosides. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.



A novel version of the CSA (Chemical Shift Anisotropy) amplification experiment which results in large amplification factors is introduced. Large xa (up to 48) are achieved by sequences which are efficient in terms of the number of π pulses and total duration compared to a modification due to Orr et al. (2005), and greater flexibility in terms of the choice of amplification factor is possible than in our most recent version. Furthermore, the incorporation of XiX decoupling ensures the overall sensitivity of the experiment is optimal. This advantage has been proved by extracting the CSA tensors for a novel vinylphosphonate-linked nucleotide.

The application of CSA amplification experiment to six nucleosides is also discussed. The measured principal tensor values are compared with those calculated using the recently developed first-principles methods. Throughout this work, the NMR parameters of all nucleosides are presented.

Finally, high-resolution multi-nuclear solid-state NMR experiments are used to study some novel vinyl phosphonate-linked oligo-nucleotides.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Supervisors:Titman, J.J.
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