Quantitative methods in high field MRI

Mougin, Olivier (2010) Quantitative methods in high field MRI. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.

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The increased signal-to-noise ratio available at high magnetic field makes possible the acquisition of clinically useful MR images either at higher resolution or for quantitative methods. The work in this thesis is focused on the development of quantitative imaging methods used to overcome difficulties due to high field MRI systems (> 3T). The protocols developed and presented here have been tested on various studies aiming at discriminating tissues based on their NMR properties.

The quantities of interest in this thesis are the longitudinal relaxation time T1, as well as the magnetization transfer process, particularly the chemical exchange phenomenon involving amide protons which is highlighted particularly well at 7T under specific conditions. Both quantities (T1 and amide proton transfer) are related to the underlying structure of the tissues in-vivo, especially inside the white matter of the brain. While a standard weighted image at high resolution can provide indices of the extent of the pathology, a robust measure of the NMR properties of brain tissues can detect earlier abnormalities.

A method based on a 3D Turbo FLASH readout and measuring reliably the T1 in-vivo for clinical studies at 7T is first presented. The other major part of this thesis presents magnetization transfer and chemical exchange phenomena. First a quantitative method is investigated at 7T, leading to a new model for exchange as well as contrast optimization possibility for imaging. Results using those methods are presented and applied in clinical setting, the main focus being to image reliably the brain of both healthy subjects and Multiple Sclerosis patients to look at myelin structures.

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Pitiot, A.
Bai, L.
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