Bernard Lonergan and New Testament interpretation

Stafford, Barbara Ann (2008) Bernard Lonergan and New Testament interpretation. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.



Recent explorations in New Testament hermeneutics registers the need for a more wholistic approach to the text that also takes into consideration the role of the interpreter.

This thesis investigates the potential of the theological method of jesuit theologian Bernard Lonergan (d. 1984) in the task of interpretation. His methodology is promising as a hermeneutical tool as his theological framework takes into consideration both theological operations and the theologian as subject. While this study finds that there are distinct advantages in his approach, it also finds that there is need for development in the affective realm.

In this regard, the work of Robert Doran is drawn on as a complement to Lonergan's methodology. Doran's contribution is significant, yet it is also restrictive. To broaden the perspective, the thesis draws on Jungian psychological material and it is suggested that both Lonergan's and Doran's findings can be more fully exploited as a hermeneutical tool, if the understanding of the role and function of the symbol is expanded.

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